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Unidrive M replaces Commander SK and Unidrive SP

In 2013, Control Techniques launched a new range of industrial AC drives called Unidrive M. Unidrive M’s design is based on the success and popularity of Unidrive SP and Commander SK, and incorporates market-leading technologies. The Unidrive M family comprises five drives – giving customers greater choice when selecting a suitable product for their application.

Mechanical –

• Compatible physical dimensions, weights and surface mount footprint

• When retrofitting surface mount drives, existing mounting holes can be reused – negating the need for additional drilling. Mounting holes are in the same place or retrofit kits are available

Electrical –

• Power and control wiring adopt the same philosophy as Commander SK and Unidrive SP

Parameters –

• The same menu and parameter structure is adopted by Unidrive M

• Parameters can be transferred from Unidrive SP to Unidrive M using a Smartcard

• Unidrive M Connect can be used to transfer parameters from Unidrive SP and Commander SK to Unidrive M

Software programs

• The SI-Applications Plus option module can compile SyPTPro programs for Unidrive M

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