SI-Universal Encoder

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Additional combined encoder input and output interface supporting Incremental, SinCos, HIPERFACE, EnDAT and SSI encoders.

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The dual encoder port on the Unidrive M700 to M810 supports

two position feedback interfaces, P1 & P2, through a 15-way high

density D-type connector. The SI-Universal Encoder complements

this by enabling additional input and output formats to be used that

could not otherwise be supported by the single 15 pin connector.

It also provides Closed loop Rotor Flux Control for induction motors

(RFC-A) on M600.

Features include:

Support for:

SinCos with communications

SinCos with or without commutation

Quadrature incremental with or without commutation

Pulse and direction

SSI, BiSS* and EnDat

The module also provides a simulated encoder output that can be

programmed to operate in the following modes:

Quadrature incremental

Pulse and direction


The module also incorporates high speed inputs for position capture.



Compatible with Unidrive M600/M700

Additional information


Control Techniques, Emerson, Leroy Somer


M600, M700, M701, M702


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